Aequitas Lawyers provides legal services in the area of corporate and commercial law including the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Acquisitions of shares and businesses.
  • Due diligence investigations.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Shareholders’ agreements.
  • Investing into Australia by foreign corporations and individuals.
  • Investing overseas by Australian corporations and individuals.

The Mandarin and Cantonese speaking lawyers at Aequitas Lawyers have considerable experience in assisting clients in all aspects of investing in China including Hong Kong and Taiwan, and South-East Asia.

Some of the lawyers at Aequitas Lawyers write fluent Chinese and they have an excellent understanding of the cultural and business aspects of doing business in China and South East Asia. Our lawyers have also travelled extensively in the Asian region.

Most importantly, Aequitas Lawyers has an extensive network of legal and commercial contacts in Asia to support us in our work enabling us to achieve our clients’ objectives more effectively and efficiently.

Some of the areas that Aequitas Lawyers can provide assistance include the following:

  • Agreements relating to investment into companies and projects in Asia.
  • Due diligence investigations.
  • Joint venture set-up.
  • Shareholders’ agreements.
  • Negotiations with foreign parties.
  • Share purchase agreements.
  • Business purchase agreements.
  • Loan documentation.

Aequitas Lawyers has considerable expertise and experience in the purchase or sale of commercial properties and has acted for both buyers and sellers in numerous transactions involving the following:

  • Office towers and commercial premises including strata commercial premises.
  • Shopping centres and complexes.
  • Development sites.
  • Amalgamation and sub-division of sites.
  • Strata sub-divisions.

At Aequitas Lawyers, we understand that buying or selling a residential property such as a house or an apartment is a major decision and a significant matter for most people.

Aequitas Lawyers has property lawyers with many years of experience who would be able to assist you in the purchase or sale of a property in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. You will have peace of mind knowing that the team at Aequitas Lawyers is acting for you and looking after your interests.

Aequitas Lawyers also has the expertise and experience to act for property developers in the sale of new properties and in particular off-the-plan sales including applications for Foreign Investment Review Board approvals in respect of sales to non-residents.


Aequitas Lawyers’ banking and finance team works closely with banks and other financial institutions, mortgage providers and private equity companies to achieve the commercial results sought by its clients.

Our lawyers are able to assist in all finance-related matters including the following:

  • Commercial, industrial and residential development finance.
  • Loan facilities and financial agreements.
  • Residential mortgage security.
  • Debt recovery advice and proceedings.
  • Strategic planning for major projects.

Aequitas Lawyers has extensive experience in acting for both landlords and tenants in retail and commercial leases.

For landlords, Aequitas Lawyers offers expertise in the following:

  • Preparation and negotiations of lease agreements for commercial and retail premises

including premises in shopping complexes.

  • Preparation and negotiations of licence agreements for commercial and retail


  • Preparation of landlords’ disclosure statements for retail premises.
  • Advising on lease management and administration.
  • Resolution of leasing disputes.
  • For commercial and retail tenants, Aequitas Lawyers can assist in a number of ways


  • Negotiations of lease agreements for commercial and retail premises.
  • Liaising with landlords in relation to issues that may arise from a lease.
  • Assignment of leases.
  • Advising in relation to any sub-letting of premises.
  • Liquor licensing applications.
  • Resolution of leasing disputes.


Aequitas Lawyers provides practical guidance, advice and assistance on the steps you need to take with the passing of your loved ones.

With deceased estates, our lawyers are able to assist in:

  • Obtaining Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court of New South Wales where the
  • deceased left a Will.

    • Obtaining Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court of New South Wales

    where the deceased did not leave a Will.

    • Transmission Application in relation to any land owned by the deceased to nominated

    beneficiaries or the executor/executrix.

    • Transfer of title in personal property such as shares to nominated beneficiaries.
    • Sale of land owned by the deceased.
    • Resealing a foreign grant of Probate in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.


    Aequitas Lawyers provides advice on insolvency laws both relating to corporations and individuals. This includes advice on the following matters:

  • Voluntary administrations.
  • Issue of Statutory demands.
  • Applications to set aside statutory demands.
  • Insolvent trading claims against directors and shadow directors.
  • Defence of insolvent trading claims made against directors, officers and shadow
  • directors.

    • Public examinations of directors and officers of externally administered companies.
    • Attendances at creditors’ meetings.
    • Lodgement of proofs of debt.
    • Unfair preference and uncommercial transaction claims.
    • Insolvency agreements and arrangements with creditors.
    • Issue of bankruptcy notices.
    • Bankruptcy proceedings in Court.


    A dispute may be resolved through litigation, arbitration, mediation, negotiation or informal discussions between the disputed parties.

    Aequitas Lawyers has considerable expertise and experience in helping companies and individuals resolve all types of commercial disputes, and are able to assist in:

  • Arbitration and mediation of commercial and leasing disputes.
  • Litigation proceedings in the Supreme Court and the District Court of New South
  • Wales and the Federal Court and High Court of Australia.

    • Litigation proceedings in the Small Claims Division and General Division of the Local

    Court of New South Wales.

    • Resolution of complex contractual disputes including advising on negotiations.
    • Insolvency related proceedings and disputes including the issue of statutory

    demands or applications to set aside statutory demands issued under the Corporations Act.

    • Debt recovery on behalf of creditors, negotiations relating to debt recovery claims

    and defending claims.

    • Disputes relating to matters under the Australian Competition and Consumer Law.
    • Proceedings in Tribunals, the Fair Work Commission and the Financial Ombudsman


    Aequitas Lawyers works very closely with clients to ensure that disputes are resolved efficiently, effectively and to their satisfaction and at all times taking into consideration the clients’ commercial objectives.